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GAF Deck Armor

Proper Breathability is Ensured with GAF Deck Armor®

A Roof that doesn't breath properly will trap moisture in your attic, which well then be absorbed into the wood of your roof decking. This can cause the wood to rot, and may ultimately make outright replacement necessary. Tar paper, which is the traditional breathable layer between shingles and roof decking, has a number of downsides: it absorbs water and often becomes rippled, negatively impacting the appearance of your roof, and it's breathability is limited. Deck Armor® by GAF, on the other hand, is far more breathable and will never ripple or bubble up.

High quality shingles

Top Quality Shingles

WeatherGard offers high quality shingles in a wide selection of colors so that every homeowner can get a shingle that meets their needs and budget, while achieving the right look for the home.

Owens Corning Duration® Premium

Duration Premium shingles are designed by last performance, and come with a limited lifetime warranty, along with 15 years of coverage against winds up to 130mph. Pick from any of 17 colors to get just the right look for your home.

GAF Timberline® Lifetime High Defintion®

The patented High Definition® design gives the look of genuine wood shade. Choose from 13 colors, and rest assured that GAf's Color Lock® ceramic firing will keep the color fresh and authentic for years to come. On top of their manifest beauty, Timberline HD shingles will withstand the winds of a category 3 hurricane.

Double Strength Glass

6′ Snow & Ice Barrier

The snowy climate here in Metro Detroit makes roof damage due to built up snow and ice a constant concern for many homeowners through the winter months; in fact, the most common homeowner's insurance claim in Michigan is due to ice damming. WeatherGard's 6-foot snow and ice shield is designed to create a watertight seal around the perimeter of your roof, where ice and snow damage is most common.

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Optimal Attic Intake Ventilation

Good passive airflow through your attic ensures that your roof will not become heated from the underside during the winter. When this occurs, a layer of water forms beneath the snow and which has built up on the roof. This water sits stagnant and easily moves through shingles and soaks the wooden decking underneath. WeatherGard installers cut a 1″ ventilation slit across the lower edge of each of the eaves of your roof, and install the DCi SmartVent®, which allows air to flow in and out of the attic unobstructed, while maintaining a seal against moisture at the roof's surface.

Expect exceptional service every time.

Exceptional Service Every Time

WeatherGard installers have earned a reputation for competence and professionalism over the past 20 years. You can expect your installers to arrive on time, and to work efficiently and skillfully until the job is done. No homeowner should settle for anything less.

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