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Door materials

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Steel doors

Many homeowners desire the security that only a steel door can provide. WeatherGard steels doors have earned the highest security rating that a residential door can earn, in part because of the steel edge. Many steel doors have a wooden edge which will break under intense force; our steel edge stands fast, and your door stays firmly closed. Moreover, opting for a steel door doesn't mean giving up the look of wood, as our steel doors can be covered with a stainable wood-like veneer.


Fiberglass doors

Wooden doors absorb water and can be home to mold, and they can also chip and split. Fortunately, with a fiberglass door from WeatherGard, homeowners can have all the beauty and traditional appeal of a wood door without the disadvantages»your fiberglass door will never split or chip, and it cannot absorb moisture.

Pick from a wide variety of colors

15 Finishes

WeatherGard offers an extensive palette of colors to ensure that you can find just the right shade or grain for your home.

Door colors
More than 20 glass styles to choose from

Glass Styles

The finishing touch on any elegant entry door is the detailed glass design. WeatherGard doors can be ordered with any of nearly two dozen beautiful glass designs which are hand-constructed right here in the Detroit Metro area.

Amsterdam Amsterdam glass
Athens Athens glass
Bankok Bankok glass
Belfast Belfast glass
Belize Belize glass
Casablanca Casablanca glass
Kenya Kenya glass
London London glass
Madrid Madrid glass
Manhattan Manhattan glass
Miami Miami glass
Milan Milan glass
Monaco Monaco glass
Naples Naples glass
New York New York glass
Panama Panama glass
Paris Paris glass
Portofino Portofino glass
Rome Rome glass
Santiago Santiago glass
Sydney Sydney glass
Venice Venice glass

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Weathergard door features

The Best Door You Can Buy

Watertight Seal

Water on glass

WeatherGard's entry doors come with a special perimeter seal which ensures that no water finds its way into your entry way. This eliminates the potential of mold and microbe or damage to your floor and walls, and ensures that your door and frame are protected against moisture which might otherwise cause them to warp.

Easy Sweep

Door sweep

One of the most important things any door does is keep unwanted pests out of the home. No more than an ordinary door sweep is generally required, but since the sweep is constantly abrading the ground or floor near the door, the sweep wears out and must be replaced. WeatherGard doors make this as easy as sliding the old one out of place, and slide the new one in. Done.

Adjustable Hinge

Easily adjustable hinges

All homes shift and flex as time passes»but doors don't proportionally flex along with the home. This means that a door once perfectly installed can become a poor fit after years of use. In most cases the hinges must be adjusted to accommodate the altered door frame, but this requires removing the door from the hinges and rehanging it after adjusting. WeatherGard doors, however, can be adjusted in place with nothing but a screwdriver. Easy.

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